Why counselling?

Counselling and psychotherapy provides a space for you to express and explore your feelings and thoughts. Through talking with the therapist, the aim of the therapy is to work progressively towards a goal that you have agreed with the therapist. Many people have reported to me that by talking about their life issues, relief and a sense of direction can be achieved. If you would like to know more about counselling, psychotherapy, the difference between them and the different types, you can visit the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Finding the right therapist for you

In life, we all meet people that we either get on with, or don't. This is much the same when choosing a therapist that fits you. You must feel able to talk openly to the therapist and have a sense of a good enough connection with him or her in order for effective therapy to take place. I always advise anyone who contacts me, to shop for a therapist by ensuring they meet with several (if they can) before making a decision. In order to make this easier for any new enquiries, I offer the initial consultation session at a reduced rate. This provides you with an opportunity to meet with me, see my therapy room and ask me any questions before you make a decision to progress with any therapy.

Beena Bhanu's Hounslow Therapy Room