How I work

I use an holistic approach whereby I consider the mind, body and spiritual condition as a whole rather than individual entities. I can then better understand your current life, where you would like to be AND how we can work together to get you to your goals. The quality of our relationship is key to your progress. In order for therapy to work, you will need to demonstrate commitment to the process, but ultimately to YOU.

You are unique and so are your issues. I am interested in you as a person and work with what you bring me. There is no “one answer”, school of thought or theory that can help everyone. I draw from personal experience, study of Cognitive Science and my subsequent specialisation as a Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist. However, my individual approach is integrated and tailored to your requirements.

What to expect from therapy with me

In our initial face-to-face consultation, I will carry out a full assessment

Presenting issues (reasons for support) Lifestyle
Emotional status Exercise routines
Medical conditions and medications Eating habits

Should you decide to come back for further sessions, we will discuss your current situation and agree a working contract on how I can constructively support you to arrive at your goals. This will cover areas such as frequency of sessions (usually weekly), day and time of the sessions. The working contract is a moving concept that will be reviewed and amended according to your progress and any other/new areas of your life or you that you would like to explore and develop.

How much will it cost?

For a 50 minute session, my fees range between £90 - £100 for an individual and £130 - £150 for couples and families. However I appreciate that finances are an important part of your life and therefore I am willing to discuss your needs and budget so feel free to talk to me about your concerns. Where possible, I will help you.

Remember, you cannot attach a value to wellbeing

Think about therapy as an investment in you that can lead to you getting the most out of your life.